I go through a few pairs of running sneakers each year, especially if I'm training for a marathon.  Do I just toss the old pair?  Of course not and neither should you.  You can donate them to be recycled or reused.  Organizations like Soles4Souls and Nike Reuse a Shoe need those old sneakers and shoes you have sitting in your closet collecting dust.  Soles4Souls takes new or gently used shoes and gives them to those in need.  On their website it states that in America, we throw away more than 3 million pairs of shoes a year.  These shoes are toxic for the Earth and are piling up in our landfills.  If you have sneakers that are more than gently used  please donate them to Nike Reuse a ShoeNike takes your old sneakers and breaks them down to make athletic surfaces like running tracks.  Pretty cool.  So get out there and donate at one of their drop off locations!

Over the years, I've heard varing numbers for the useful life of a running sneaker.  Ranging from 300-400 miles, 400-600 miles, 350-550 miles, etc.  What is that magic number?  The number depends on a lot of different factors.  How often do you run? Where do you run?  Treadmill or outside?  How much do you weigh? Geesh....enough with the questions.  I personally feel the best way to tell when you need new sneakers is by just listening to your body.  Are you beginning to feel joint pain, have shin splints or achy knees?  These are all signs that your sneaker is beginning to breakdown and is not as supportive as it once was.  When that happens, it's time to get out there and do what a girl does best...Buy some new shoes.  Not replacing your sneakers is the leading cause of running injuries.  I also believe in rotating my sneakers. When the end is coming near on a pair of sneakers, I slowly start rotating my new pair into my running schedule.  You should never wear a new pair of sneakers for a long run until they are broken in.  At least that is the rule I follow or its Blister City for this Little Miss Runner.

Time to say Goodbye to these guys :(


Welcome to Little Miss Runner! I'm officially crossing off #1 of my goals in life.  Goal #1-Start a blog.  I just hope I can keep it going longer than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage.  Sounds easy enough, right? 

Soooo....let's talk running shoes.  I just ordered a pair of the Brooks Pure Cadence and they arrived on Saturday.  I was literally waiting at the door for the mailman the same way Temp waits for his treat from the mailman.  For me, the excitement of getting new, much overdue, needed running shoes is like the excitement of  a kid in a candy store times 10.    Prior to these shoes, I was running in the Nike Frees which I love love love, but.....I do not just run in my sneakers (I take Spin class, use the elliptical, etc.)  so I wanted something with a tad more support.  I tried out my new shoes on Sunday and ran 4 1/2 miles in them.  My feet felt very claustrophobic.  Is that even possible??  I just wanted to rip them off and run barefoot.  I went with the Pure Cadence because I knew they would have more stability than the Frees, which I was looking for, and a more natural feel than your typical running sneaker.  They are comfy, I've always been a fan of Brooks and they worked out better than my Nike Frees in Spin class today.  I've only logged one run with them so I'm not ready to throw in the towel.  I'll give them another go tomorrow.
If things are going to work out between us, the shoelaces will need to be replaced ASAP.  I need some hot pink on these bad boys. 

What's your favorite pair of running shoes?

Workout: Spin Class 45 mins.