Yesterday I took my somewhat new Garmin Foreunner 310xt for a test drive on a 8.51 mile run.  I bought this watch last November and have only used it once before yesterday.  Reason being that I run on the treadmill during the winter months.  My gym has some pretty fancy schmancy treadmills that give me the option to save my running stats on a portable USB drive, can charge and play the music or your Apple devices, and whip up a continental breakfast with unlimited coffee when you finish your run.  Last part of that was a big fat lie.
When it comes to the running world, I have been living under a rock.  I never bought a Garmin prior to November because I have never heard about these small fortunes.  Like I said, I have been living under a rock.  I remember at the Chicago Marathon seeing a few people rocking tshirts with the quote "If you see me collapse, pause my Garmin".  I was under the impression Garmin was a GPS doodad for your car, not for your arm.  Within a couple weeks after my race I purchased one.  The hubby and I loooooove to travel.  He likes to surf and I like to run so we try to plan trips where we can do both.  Well, technically I can run everywhere.  I doubt we find a surf spot in Oklahoma.  In the past when training for a race, I can't remember how many times I have told the hubby I can't travel because I have to run my specific mileage.  I knew where to get those specific miles in at home as I already had my runs mapped out.  My hubby is very thankful to Garmin because now I can't say I can't travel.

How do you track your mileage?